CraftTweaker Mod for Minecraft 1.19.3 and 1.19.2

CraftTweaker Mod for Minecraft 1.19.3 and 1.19.2, adds new customization options, which will be ideal for servers and games with mods.

Among other things, players will have the possibility to change manufacturing recipes, commands or even the properties and characteristics of some elements.

CraftTweaker Mod

The main function of CraftTweaker is to facilitate the course of the games, adding novel optimization and customization options. In fact, when combined with other mods, the game possibilities will be endless, ideal for multiplayer servers or games with dozens of mods.

That is, it allows customizing the game to the players’ taste, modifying simple things such as crafting recipes, as well as adding information to the various tools or changing the properties of items, including those added by other mods.


Creators of CraftTweaker: Jaredlll08, kindlich and TheSilkMiner.

Installation of CraftTweaker

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