Evocation and Annihilation Mod for Minecraft 1.19.3 and 1.19.2

Evocation and Annihilation Mod for Minecraft 1.19.3 and 1.19.2, adds content related to magic, specifically default Illagers and villagers.

Among other things, it includes a new curse table, a new totem, as well as a new type of very dangerous Illager, which will have different abilities.

Evocation and Annihilation Mod

The main function of Evocation and Annihilation is to enhance the game experience by adding magic-related content. In fact, it adds three incantations (or curses) that can be applied to swords and axes, in a curse table.

In addition, although less likely, it will be possible to repair them. Not only that, but players will also have the chance to interact with the cultist, a new type of Illager that summons imps and shoots fireballs to attack players.

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The added features, as well as the new elements or enemies that are already available with version 1.19 are as follows:

  • The Cultist is a type of Illager with the ability to summon imps, shoot fireballs and use ender pearls to attack players and even villagers.
  • The Imp is a creature summoned by the cultist, they do not have a great attack capacity, but they are small and evil.
  • There are four types of curses, electrifying curse (invokes lightning), curse of destruction (gives potion effects), curse of loss (when dropping an item, there is a chance that it will disappear) and curse of explosions (creates explosions randomly when attacking).


Creator of Evocation and Annihilation: Kip_Kebab.

Installation of Evocation and Annihilation

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