Move Plus Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2

Move Plus Mod for Minecraft 1.19.2, adds new effects and movement abilities, improving the default gameplay experience.

Among other things, players will have the possibility to climb several blocks high. For example, it will be possible to climb to the top of a tree with ease.

The main objective of Move Plus is to improve the mobility of games, allowing players to make use of incredible new abilities. To be able to climb easily, it will be necessary to press the crouch key while standing next to certain blocks.

One of the star skills and most desired by players version after version is the possibility of crawling at any time. To do this, you only need to press the “shift” and “ctrl” keys at the same time. It’s fantastic!

The following screenshots have not been filtered or modified, so you can get an idea of the features added by Move Plus.

Creator of Move Plus: Corosus.

Page made by Best Minecraft Mods.

How to download and install Move Plus?

  1. Download Forge for the desired version.
  2. Download Move Plus for the same version.
  3. Install Forge and open Minecraft with the downloaded version. Close Minecraft.
  4. In the search bar, type %appdata% and open the folder named “.minecraft”.
  5. A folder called “mods” should appear inside. Create the folder if it is not already there.
  6. Insert Move Plus in the “mods” folder.
  7. Run Minecraft with the Forge version previously installed.
  8. It is now possible to play with Move Plus!
  9. On this page you will always find the official and updated download links.



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